The Forever Ship

Book 3 of the Fire Sermon trilogy

She can see the future

but can she change it?

Paloma’s arrival, with news of Elsewhere and the possibility of a world free of the fatal bond between twins, has given Cass and the resistance a hope worth fighting for. But they are facing a Council more powerful and ruthless than Cass could ever have imagined, willing to unleash weapons from the long-buried past to maintain their power over Alphas and Omegas alike.

As the stunning Fire Sermon trilogy comes to a close, the final struggle between Zach and Cass has begun – a struggle that will jeopardise not only the future of Elsewhere but the future of the world.

What started wth fire may very well end with fire…

Haig’s prose is as eloquent and beautiful as ever as she brings her acclaimed series to a close.

Library Journal

Haig will captivate her readers once again with the beautifully vivid and descriptive language of her storytelling. She pens a well-crafted plot that will grip readers from the start. Readers will find it easy to envision her dystopian world, rife with conflict, and the strong, distinctive characters found within it that enhance the embattled setting. Cass is a uniquely enthralling heroine who embodies a quiet, fierce strength that makes her interesting to read about.

RT BookReviews

A well-wrought and engaging finale to what has proven to be an exquisitely-detailed dystopian vision.

The Forever Ship is a compelling conclusion to what has proven to be an exceptional example of speculative fiction. […] Haig is a marvelous writer – there’s a depth to her prose that is often lacking in genre fiction. […] She has a particular knack for intertwining moments of hope and beauty amidst blocks of bleakness; the post-apocalyptic society she has built is the best kind of overbearing and suffocating, but those flashes of light among the shadows are what really make these stories transcend.

You might think that literary dystopia has nothing left to offer you, but if you have yet to experience this trilogy, you’re wrong. The Fire SermonThe Map of Bones and now The Forever Ship are formidable, fascinating reading.

The Maine Edge

The Forever Shipis an unflinching portrayal of revolution. […] For every victory in The Forever Ship there is an equal devastating loss.

The writing is what sets The Fire Sermon trilogy apart from other novels. It’s grim and beautiful. Like the characters in the novel, The Forever Shipisn’t a book you can walk away from unscarred. The words and moments linger far after the book is closed.

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