A book cover, surrounded by waves. Book title is Saltblood, by Francesca de Tores, and the cover is an image of a sailing ship surrounded by wild waves, with a black crow flying above it.
Orange book-cover featuring yellow lemons. Book title is The Cookbook of Common Prayer, by Francesca Haig.
The Cookbook of Common Prayer
Book cover, a black background with a flaming brand showing Alpha and Omega symbols intertwined. Book title is The Fire Sermon, by Francesca Haig.
The Fire Sermon
Book Cover, an animal skull lying half-buried in a bed of ash. Book title is The Map of Bones, by Francesca Haig.
The Map of Bones (The Fire Sermon trilogy, Book 2).
Book cover, a wet wooden background with an Omega symbol on it. Book title is The Forever Ship, by Francesca Haig.
The Forever Ship (The Fire Sermon trilogy, Book 3)